John Sullivan is a resident of Ballarat Victoria, Australia for the moment.
He has traveled extensively in Europe, the Americas, Asia
and the South Pacific.

He has worked a plethora of jobs, some of which were vocations.

He has been a bricklayer’s labourer, a beatnik, a teacher, a hippie,
a filmmaker, a software developer, a hotelier, an ice cream maker, a barista and finally a travel blogger.

Right now he should be in Vietnam.

Approach to travel

I am a Baby Boomer although that’s approximate. I’m slightly older. That generally means that I travel more than most because I have more money than most.

Well the last part is certainly not true. I travel budget because that’s what I can afford.

Luckily you can travel well without being wealthy.


Lost Dreams

In the European summer a couple of years ago, I travelled to a few countries in Europe some of which I had been in before.

But I got some surprises, mostly unpleasant, in cities that I had previously loved. Those cities were Barcelona, Rome and Paris. Not a happy thought particularly since I had a long standing  dream of living in Paris for an extended period. I could see myself as a flaneur!

A dream no longer… sadly. As you can see above, there are too many tourists.

Maybe I’ll need to visit Europe in the winter!

Traveling solo

There are many Pros and Cons to be considered before you decide to travel solo.

I think you must be brave and probably foolish to do it. Well I’m not very brave although some would say that I’m a bit on the foolish side.

My biggest Con is the solo part in the evening. Quite a few times I have felt fragile and lonely eating alone.

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