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Many countries, many discoveries and adventures

If you want to be independent with your choices (where you go, how long you stay, what you eat, how you travel) then Get off the Tour Bus will offer advice that may make your stay more exciting, even fulfilling.

  • You may be happy to be tightly scheduled.
  • You may be delighted to have your time in a given location totally controlled.
  • You may be ecstatic to have your meals decided for you.
  • You may enjoy getting up very early to catch the bus.

Serendipitous Travel

On the other hand, you may value the possibility of chance encounters and even adventures.

You may believe in the power of unexpected and unplanned events. To many experienced travelers, serendipity is the most valuable variable in the trip.

Meet the People

On a Tour Bus you are probably only going to meet people just like you. The only local persons will be the bus driver and the tour guide.

I have learnt some lessons on my journeys, not necessarily about travel. They are about how people survive and adapt to their local environment. And how I learnt to survive out of my environment.

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