Lost Dreams

In the European summer past, I travelled to a few countries in Europe some of which I had been in before.

But I got some surprises mostly unpleasant in cities that I had loved. Those cities were Barcelona, Rome and Paris.

Travelling alone

There many pros and Cons centring about solo travel.

I think you must be brave and probably foolish to do it. Quite a few times I felt fragile because of the loneliness particularly at night…eating alone.

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No tour bus

The title of this site implies public transport.

This makes it cheaper perhaps but requires lots of research and preparation. I don’t know if it is worth it considering some of issues I faced.

Approach to Travel

I am a Baby Boomer and that generally means that I travel more than most because I have more money than most.

Well the last part is certainly not true. I travel budget because that’s what I can afford.

If you ask people what they would do if they suddenly came into riches, most would say “I would go overseas” and some would say “I will spend the rest of my life travelling”.

Strange that people cannot find contentment in the life they lead without wealth.


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Follow the journey

Head for the blog to catch up with the latest vlog/blog.

You can follow my travels admittedly out of sequence (but who cares) and comment if you like. You can even correct my facts although this is not a travel documentary.

It’s good to comment and critique.