Loving the Lake

Safe at home in Ballarat enjoying water

If you can’t travel…

You have to be realistic!

Even a travel mad person like me has come to the realisation that only local travel is feasible. At least that’s how it is in Victoria, Australia. We are in our 6th lockdown and I am pretty sure that there will be many more lockdowns.

So the thing is to enjoy what you’ve got, which is your own town.

I have been a constant visitor to Ballarat over the last 3 years and now I live there. Ballarat is a heritage town with some superb architecture mostly financed by gold discoveries. It’s also famous for the Eureka Rebellion which was the first stirring of democracy in Australia.

The place I love most in Ballarat is Lake Wendouree.

I have tried to convey the satisfaction of walking around the lake, viewing the changing dramatic interplay of sky and water and the plentiful wild life particularly the famous black swans.

Please enjoy the lake with me by viewing the video on a desktop rather than a phone.


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